Chances Of Pregnancy After Previously Aborting The Womb?

Illustration of Chances Of Pregnancy After Previously Aborting The Womb?
Illustration: Chances Of Pregnancy After Previously Aborting The Womb?

Hello, I want to ask about my problem during this 4 years ago, I had an abortion after the abortion I had a lot of blood clots up to about 1 month during that time I never checked myself at the clinic or pounds everywhere after that I had kb injections 3 months after that I have never used tools like that again and now I want to have children but how come I can’t huh? Am I infertile? R nWhat should I do to get pregnant again? R nPlease answer yes

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Hi Ja Na, thanks for the question for

First of all, you need to know that having an abortion without a good reason is illegal in Indonesia. Mothers who abort or those who assist with the abortion can be subject to criminal penalties for this.

Second, I want to confirm first, who said you can't have any more children? Isn't it okay or not? Have you done certain examinations at the obstetrician?

Basically, all women are allowed to get pregnant (there are no specific restrictions) even though the woman has had an abortion. It is not recommended for women to become pregnant if:

There are certain diseases that can get worse when pregnant (for example certain cancers, certain autoimmune diseases)
Are undergoing chemotherapy or certain medications
Have just had certain vaccinations (live vaccines)
Has recently suffered from certain diseases that can interfere with pregnancy (for example, recently had rubella, toxoplasma, etc.)
Too young or too old
There are infectious diseases such as HIV or hepatitis B that have not received adequate therapy
and others

Even if this is not recommended, if the woman is willing to bear all the risks that may occur in her pregnancy, then it is okay if the woman insists on staying pregnant.

If what you mean is that you cannot get pregnant, then the next question is whether you have indeed checked with an obstetrician? The reasons for a woman not being able to get pregnant again can vary, it can be related to an abortion that was done or not. Sometimes improper abortion can result in damage to the reproductive organs, such as the appearance of scar tissue, adhesions, etc. which can make it more difficult for a woman to get pregnant. Other causes that can cause a woman to be unable / difficult to get pregnant include:

there are hormonal disorders (early menopause, PCOS, pituitary tumors, etc.)
there are disorders of the reproductive organs (for example large fibroids, ovarian cysts, etc.)
infection in the reproductive organs
and so forth

If you haven't seen a doctor, but you and your partner are trying to get pregnant, have tried it for 1 year or more, and have not succeeded, you should first check with your doctor (you can go to an obstetrician and your husband to andrologist) so that further evaluation can be done. The reason that you and your partner haven't had children can come from the woman, the man, or both, so you and your partner must both undergo an examination.

If it's not even 1 year, you and your partner are trying to have children, then you and your partner can try to have sex more often (once every 2-3 days) or have sex more often during your fertile period.

Here's an article that you can read about how to get pregnant quickly

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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