Change Drug Brands To Treat High Blood Pressure

Illustration of Change Drug Brands To Treat High Blood Pressure
Illustration: Change Drug Brands To Treat High Blood Pressure

Afternoon doc. If an adult at 58 is used to taking high blood pressure nebilet, but because the nebilet medicine is empty again. while you can take candesartan cilexetil? Usually eat 1 seed nebilet every mlm. If candesartan cilexetil can eat how many seeds? Previously thanks doc.

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Nebilet is a drug that contains Nebivolol, an antihypertensive drug from the beta blocker class. Candesartan cilexetil is also an antihypertensive drug, but comes from the ARB (angiotype receptor blocker) group. Because they are not the same medicine, their use cannot be changed. You can search for generic drugs from Nebilet namely Nebivolol or other brands of drugs that contain the same Nebivolol.

If indeed you cannot get the drug, you must inform the doctor who treats you so that your doctor can prescribe other medicines for you. Stopping, adding or reducing dosages, as well as replacing antihypertensive drugs must be done by a doctor who checks you directly. Therefore you should not change your medication yourself.

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