Change In Pregnancy Test Results, Am I Pregnant?

Illustration of Change In Pregnancy Test Results, Am I Pregnant?
Illustration: Change In Pregnancy Test Results, Am I Pregnant?

Sorry to ask .. I’m already menstruating late, on May 12 2018 my last period. Then I will test the line two and one faint and I checked the midwife, I suggested ultrasound but when I was on ultrasound, I was still confused about the results of the ultrasound, the doctor suggested 1 month of ultrasound so that it looks like the assistant doctor said this was just a seed again, my process was only given vit bundavin and pregnant milk I wonder if I am pregnant? Because I just try to talk about one line but it’s really dry, so I’m getting confused whether I’m pregnant or not? The problem is the sign of my stomach is bloated and sick like there is something foreign but my breasts have not changed and I often migrate because my blood pressure is 130/90 whether I am pregnant or have a disease .. Please for the info, thanks

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Hi Nhieaa .. Thank you for the question.

A woman who experiences late menstruation can be caused by several things, such as: pregnancy, psychological stress, imbalanced body weight, fatigue due to too heavy activity, or the use of birth control devices. What you need to pay attention to in your situation is whether there are signs of pregnancy that you are experiencing. Pregnancy can give a woman physical and psychological changes, including: delayed menstruation, nausea and vomiting, frequent BAK, mood changes, breasts feel denser and tighter, dizziness and fatigue, and small amounts of bleeding due to sticking of the results. fertilization of the uterine wall.

If you have undergone a test pack but are still unsure about the results, you can repeat the test pack because it is possible that when you do a pregnancy test your HCG hormone levels are still low. In addition, you need to maintain your health and pay attention to the food you eat, avoid excessive fatigue, and go back to the obstetrician for blood tests and the next ultrasound. This is to make sure you are pregnant again, besides that, pay attention to any signs of pregnancy that you are experiencing.

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