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Illustration: Change Skincare

Hello doc I’m a 22 year old woman. I have been using Farma Wdc skincare for almost 2 years, which has not been BPOM. Now I want to change skincare and the choice between Farma bunkos (BPOM already exists) or kojie san soap (the same is already BPOM). Should I continue Farma, but already BPOM. Or replace with Kojie San? Please answer doc. thank you

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before I did not know what the content of the skincare that you use, but you should use skincare that has been BPOM, all drugs that are not registered with the BPOM RI (the Republic of Indonesia Drug and Beverage Control Agency) are illegal products, should be avoided. If it is needed, use drugs, food, or beverages registered with BPOM RI because to give permission for an outstanding product, BPOM has conducted clinical trials regarding the composition and safety of the product. Laboratory tests outside BPOM cannot be used as a safety standard for a drug.

For the two products that you call, I can't determine which one is good for you, because you have to look at the problem on your skin first, and whether the product content that you call is suitable for you, I don't know what the contents of the two products are. You mentioned, but my advice, choose a product that has BPOM and contains safe ingredients such as

 Kojic acid. According to some studies, kojic acid effectively inhibits melanin production. Kojic acid is a natural ingredient derived from rice fermentation, usually used to make sake (Japanese rice wine). Sometimes this material can cause irritation and redness of the skin, so it is not suitable for sensitive skin. Arbutin. This ingredient comes from the leaves of bearberry, cranberry, pear, and mulberry. Technically, arbutindis referred to as a natural source of hydroquinone. The pure form of arbutin is believed to be more effective in brightening the skin. Fruit extracts. Manufacturers often add fruit extracts in whitening creams such as lemon, cucumber, or raspberry. Antioxidants in plant extracts are thought to play a role in helping whiten the skin, but this still needs further investigation. Tretinoin. This substance called retinoids can thin the skin, help the absorption of other topical drugs on the skin and also reduce the formation of melanin (a skin coloring agent). However, this drug should not be used on women who are or planning to become pregnant. Tretinoin is also not suitable for use on owners of dry and sensitive skin because it tends to cause irritation. from my explanation you can choose which one is safe and before buying skincare you can ask what content is found in the seller. if there is a mismatch or signs of irritation and allergies such as itchy skin, blisters, peeling and the appearance of a lot of acne, blushing immediately stops and you can consult your dermatologist while carrying the product you are using. be careful buying products carelessly.

You can read the following article: facial treatments that can be done at home

Beware of bleach containing mercury

so the info I can give

hopefully can help you

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