Changes In Mood That Often Occur Over Several Months Or Weeks. I Wonder Why ?

I am a student majoring in management. I often complain about the many tasks I face, especially now that there is an epidemic that has caused the university to dismiss the campus for an unspecified time. My tasks are increasingly piling up and the deadlines are immeasurable with many tasks like that. I feel very bored, stressed with all the activities that I live. Waking up, taking a bath, eating, and doing it every day. Until I lose weight. Very disturbed by this. How to understand yourself with a mood like this.

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Hello Arinta Rena, previously thanks for asking the team.

Complaints that you describe, can be due to excessive stress. Stress is the body's reaction that occurs when someone faces a threat, pressure, or a change. Stress can also occur due to situations or thoughts that make a person feel hopeless, nervous, angry, or excited. This condition can be triggered because of mental stress, such as problems in the family, social relations, school problems, or financial problems.

Symptoms on stress can vary from person to person. There are emotional symptoms such as irritability, frustration, mood swings or moody, difficult to calm the mind, low self-esteem, and feel lonely, useless, confused, and lost control, to appear confused, avoid others, or depression.

Here are some things you can do at home: get enough rest, do the activities that you like, try to think positively, share problems (confide) with your partner or people you trust, consume balanced nutritious food, exercise regularly, avoid smoking or alcohol consumption, limit caffeine consumption.

Due to the current corona outbreak, do the above tips first. If the complaint does not improve, then you should consult with a psychiatrist. For now, limit your activities outside the home, wash your hands regularly with soap, keep a distance of 2 meters from other people, get enough rest, maintain your body's endurance and your family by doing other healthy lifestyle.

The following articles can help: OVERCOME STRESS

Thank you, hope that helps.

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