Changes In Tooth Arrangement?

Illustration of Changes In Tooth Arrangement?
Illustration: Changes In Tooth Arrangement?

Hello, I want to ask so that my upper right tooth has a different height from the top middle tooth-upper left rear tooth, so it looks like it goes down like that. Why is that why? I also use braces since more than 1 year ago, is it related to using braces?

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Since changing a "milk" tooth to a mature or adult tooth, there is often a change in the arrangement of the teeth. Therefore, for health and cosmetic reasons, it is often necessary to take steps to straighten the teeth or what is often called the installation of braces, in the hope that the teeth can grow to be more regular in their place. But sometimes, the teeth are not aligned in place even though the stirrup is attached.

If there are no complaints of pain or you feel uncomfortable, it is better to check back with your dentist to get appropriate treatment. Given the length of time the stirrup installation also affects the results.

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