Chapter 14-month-old Baby Liquid?

Illustration of Chapter 14-month-old Baby Liquid?
Illustration: Chapter 14-month-old Baby Liquid?

, my child aged 14 months 2 weeks ago had diarrhea for 1 week. After that the chapter was normal, then now the chapter is a little runny again but it is still deprived and not often, 1 day 3x. Right now my child is coughing up phlegm. I want to ask, is the chapter still normal or is there an indication of diarrhea again? Or is it something to do with coughing up phlegm? Thanks.

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Hello Alfanibeta,

Sputum cough in children is often caused by viral infection, although sometimes it can also be due to bacterial infections. Generally cough with phlegm does not cause changes in the stool. When phlegm is swallowed, it will be released together with feces.

Diarrhea itself is a condition of changes in the consistency of the stool becomes more fluid and the frequency is more than 3x a day. Diarrhea can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and fever. What needs to be considered when a child has diarrhea is the possibility of dehydration / lack of fluids. If dehydration occurs, the child needs to get further treatment from a doctor.

Diarrhea can be caused by many factors including food poisoning, milk allergies, food allergies / intolerances, side effects of certain drugs, and infections of the digestive tract. The main treatment for diarrhea is administration of fluids to prevent dehydration, zinc, probiotics, given fever-lowering drugs and anti-nausea only if necessary, and antibiotics only given when diarrhea is associated with bacterial infections.

For your child's current condition, it is difficult to ascertain whether your child has diarrhea again or not without seeing his child's condition directly. What foods were consumed before? Is there a lot of fruit consumption that smooths bowel movements? Have you tried the new MP ASI? Is it changing milk?

For now you can do the following tips first:

Let the child rest
Give MP ASI that is easier to digest and avoid MP ASI that contains high gas
Give more milk if it is still breast milk or give water to prevent dehydration
Watch for signs of dehydration: dry mouth, crying without tears, coward eyes, weakness, lazy drinking, little or thick urine
Use a humidifier if necessary
Give children food that has warm soup to help relieve breathing

If the frequency of bowel movements is more than 3 times a day, bowel movements become thinner, or there is a dehydration, you should immediately take your child to the nearest doctor or emergency room so that he can be examined and given a more optimal treatment.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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