Chapter Bleeding After Caesarean Delivery?

Illustration of Chapter Bleeding After Caesarean Delivery?
Illustration: Chapter Bleeding After Caesarean Delivery?

Last night last Friday I was exhausted and I had defecated blood, before I was also prescribed laxative syrup, for today’s scars, it hurts again because I happen to cough all the time. open stitch?

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Actually, blood is caused by hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids, where there is swelling in the blood vessels around the discharge hole / anus. Usually in addition to blood chapter, other symptoms are the presence of mucus after bowel movements, there are lumps that hang outside the anus, the pain and redness and swelling around the anus, and complaints of itching around the anus.

Some of the causes that cause swelling of blood vessels around the anus are due to life style that is not healthy, so it causes several things as below:

presence of constipation due to lack of fiber in overweight and obese foods / overweight Prolonged diarrheal disease often sits for long periods due to work activities and routine coughing and vomiting activities that are sustained and excessive often lifting heavy loads during pregnancy, this is affected due to pressure on the blood vessels in the pelvis, causing hemorrhoids to appear and will usually heal after giving birth to age of anal sex. The bloody chapter that you experience actually has nothing to do with the stitches from your SC scars, because the sources are very different. The presence of laxatives given by doctors, is aimed so that you do not need to push too hard to defecate, so it does not cause pressure in the area of ​​the former SC operation, so that the wound quickly improves and dries. However, the cough that you are experiencing now is very risky to cause the recovery of the wound from surgery to improve for a long time, because the pressure on the stomach caused by the coughing process can cause the wound to become tense and prone to loose, so the stitches will be difficult to coalesce, there will also be automatic muscle appear pain due to pressure on the scar after a surgery.

It would be better for you, if you consult back to the obstetrician who cared for you so far, so that he can check the condition of the stitches of your surgery, and you might also be referred to an internist to get the right treatment of your cough condition and chapter the blood you are complaining about right now.

For a while, things that can reduce your experience of blood chapter, you can do simple things like:

multiply the consumption of foods that contain high fiber, such as vegetables and fruit balance with a lot of water consumption so that the bowel is not hard and trigger enough bleeding to avoid avoiding foods that taste too spicy reduce foods that contain lots of fat such as fried foods, lardiness and broth should not hold BAB when you already feel like urinating To reduce the symptoms of cough that you experience, you can increase your consumption of water and reduce drinks and foods that are too sweet, and foods that are too greasy. And you can eat things like drinks containing lime and ginger to soothe your throat, so that cough does not appear often, wear warm clothes and cover the neck. The use of wind oil or aromatherapy that can soothe the respiratory tract is also permitted.

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