CHAPTER Bleeding Out?

Illustration of CHAPTER Bleeding Out?
Illustration: CHAPTER Bleeding Out?

this morning I want to ask the last 3 days, if I often come out of the blood, but my stomach doesn’t hurt, why? I’m afraid of the symptoms of hemorrhoids, this was mah I had a complaint with the stomach because of late eating my stomach got sick, it was twisted and diarrhea first after going to the clinic a bit cured, the diarrhea well 3 days ago this chapter came out because of blood loss what is the intestine because the heat can also, thanks please respond

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Hello, good afternoon Yan ...

What are the characteristics of blood that comes out? Is the color bright red, or dark red so the stools look black like asphalt? Then does the blood blend with feces / stool, or drip at the end of the chapter? This information is important to be able to help establish the diagnosis of the complaint you are experiencing.

BAB accompanied by fresh red blood is called hematochezia. This happens because of bleeding in the lower digestive tract (large intestine to the anus). Hematochezia is sometimes accompanied by diarrhea, fever, changes in the frequency of bowel movements, abdominal pain, and weight loss. Hematochezia can be caused by various conditions, including:

hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids). Hemorrhoids are actually dilation of blood vessels that occur in the anus. This dilation of blood vessels causes these blood vessels to become brittle so that they bleed easily, usually due to hard stools (due to lack of fiber and consuming less water), frequent straining (for example related to work often lifting heavy loads), and so on.
polyp at the end of the large intestine (rectum). Polyps are abnormally shaped tissues and are small in size.

anal fissure, which is a wound in the anal canal / rectum.
inflammation of the intestine, such as Crohn's disease.
diverticillitis, which is inflammation of the small pockets that form in the digestive tract.
presence of a mass / tumor.
malignancy in the colon / large intestine,

Whereas if the bowel becomes black as the color of the asphalt, then this indicates that bleeding occurs in the upper gastrointestinal tract (esophagus and stomach), such as:

rupture of dilation of blood vessels in the esophagus (ruptured esophageal varices)
peptic ulcer, which is a wound that forms in the stomach, which can occur due to chronic gastritis (inflammation of the stomach), or the use of certain drugs in the long run

We recommend that you see yourself directly to the doctor (more specifically to the gastroenterologist / surgeon), because there are a lot of possible causes of the complaints you have experienced (as we have mentioned above), so to be able to ensure a physical examination. The examining doctor may suggest additional tests, such as stool examination, colonoscopy examination, endoscopy, and so on, if it is deemed necessary to rule out the possibility of diagnosis.

If you experience a lot of bleeding, black stools, you feel so weak that you want to faint, your heart rate becomes fast, or vomiting blood, immediately go to the emergency department ..

That's all, hopefully it helps ..

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