CHAPTER Dense, Dry And Round In The Form Of A Child?

Illustration of CHAPTER Dense, Dry And Round In The Form Of A Child?
Illustration: CHAPTER Dense, Dry And Round In The Form Of A Child?

I want to ask, my child is 2 years old every time he defecates solid, dry, round “small like a marble .. Is that normal ?? r nPlease solution’a, thank you

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Hello Endang, thank you for the question for

Beforehand, I want to confirm first, how many times does your child defecate in a day or how many times a day does your child defecate? Does your child experience any difficulty symptoms when going to defecate?

Children's stool, like adults, should not be too dry and hard. The discharge of stool like your child may be because your child is constipated or has difficulty defecating. Constipation in children can be characterized by defecating less frequently than usual (up to 4 days without defecating), dry and hard stools, difficulty passing stool (sometimes until the child cries or looks tired when straining).

Constipation in children can be caused by several possibilities:

Diet or food for children that are less fibrous (children eat less fruits and vegetables)
Drink too much milk
Lack of fluids
Children don't move much
The child is afraid of defecating (for example because of incorrect toilet training, fear of something in the toilet, or a sore in the anus that causes pain during bowel movements)
Children often hold bowel movements
Certain medical conditions, eg lactose intolerance, hypothyroidism, genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis

Some things you can do to help your child defecate more smoothly:

Provide more fiber in the diet
Give more drink (water or fruit juice)
Do not give more than 2 glasses of milk a day (1 glass of milk is approximately 240 mL)
Motivate children to move more
Do not do toilet training until the child is completely ready (generally new children show interest and readiness to do toilet training at the age of 2-3 years)
If your child is able to use the toilet, motivate the child to try to defecate more often (for example in the morning when he wakes up and after the child eats)

If the condition persists or you notice blood in the stool or a wound in the child's anus, you should consult your pediatrician for further evaluation and management.

So much information from me, hopefully it will be enough to answer

dr. irna cecilia

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