CHAPTER That Is Rare And Not Smooth?

Illustration of CHAPTER That Is Rare And Not Smooth?
Illustration: CHAPTER That Is Rare And Not Smooth?

Hello Doctor, I want to ask you about my husband’s digestive problems, my husband is difficult to defecate even this chapter has been difficult for many years, each chapter wants not to be able to come out all, so every chapter is still like there are leftovers that have not come out, even though for food every day I have eaten oatmeal, fruit and vegetables. Where’s the problem? Prnah to Dr. sp in tp only at ultrasound and nothing. What endoscopy should be done ??? Please enlighten me, thank you

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Hello Smart,

thank you for the question.

A rare and non-fluent bowel movement can occur due to mild conditions, but can also be dangerous, for example:

Unhealthy lifestyles, such as lack of drinking, fond of holding bowel movements, eating less fibrous food, rarely exercising
Stress, excessive anxiety, panic, depression
The effect of certain types of food or drinks consumed
Indigestion, such as food allergies, intestinal inflammation, colon cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, infections, rectocele, colonic stricture
Hormonal disorders, such as due to diabetes, hyperparathyroidism, hypothyroidism
Other diseases, such as nerve disorders, anismus, pelvic muscle dysinergia, metabolic disorders, drug side effects, and so on

Not just ultrasound, several other supporting examinations, such as blood tests, x-rays, endoscopy, and so on can also be done to evaluate the cause of your husband's complaints. However, what type of examination is needed and what kind of treatment needs to be done related to the condition, of course the doctor or intern doctor who checks it directly is the most aware of it. Therefore, further consult with him. If you feel your husband's condition has not improved much after undergoing medical treatment, do not hesitate to look for second opinion by checking your husband back to another doctor.

Because of the various causes, the handling of defecation should not be done only by relying on doctor's medication. Your husband also needs to balance the treatment with:

Cultivate a lot of drinking, especially water (at least 10 glasses a day)
Be more active in moving and exercising every day
Don't like to hold BAB
Make the mind more relaxed, don't be too anxious, sad, let alone excessive stress
Live a healthy and regular lifestyle, including regularly getting up and sleeping, regularly eating, and regularly urinating
Increase your intake of fibrous foods, such as whole grains, nuts, dark green leafy vegetables, and fruits
Do not carelessly take medication, if not prescribed directly by a doctor

Hope this helps ...

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