Characteristic Of Fever In People With Corona

Illustration of Characteristic Of Fever In People With Corona
Illustration: Characteristic Of Fever In People With Corona

Hello doc, I want to ask about the characteristics of fever when coronavirus. Does it happen continuously or can it ebb and flow? When I put my hand on my forehead it feels hot but according to the mother or relative it is only warm, this feeling of heat usually occurs when I wake up or when I want to sleep, the body feels normal even when the body is exercised so that sweating actually feels no heat. During this time not feel cold chills when the body feels hot. Is this purely due to worry? thank you

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COVID-19 or Corona virus infection has 3 main symptoms such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Symptoms appear after 2-14 days after exposure.

Fever in COVID-19 is a high fever which reaches> 38 ° C. In addition to the main symptoms other symptoms can occur such as nasal congestion, colds, muscle and joint pain, headaches, and so on. In determining body temperature objectively it is used by using a device called a thermometer. Guessing by placing the palm of the hand on the forehead is an inaccurate way to assess a person's body temperature. Concerning fever itself, various possibilities can underlie complaints other than viral infections, such as bacterial infections, dehydration, anemia, malignancy, and autoimmune diseases. COVID-19 can be considered to occur if a complaint arises accompanied by a history of traveling to an infected area / country, a history of contact with a confirmed patient, or living and settling in a local transmission area and enforced by various examinations.

With the current news, various complaints can actually arise due to stress or worry called psychosomatic. For this reason, limiting reading on disease progress can be done to alleviate anxiety and anxiety. Stay at home, avoid leaving the house and go to the crowd, wash your hands regularly, keep a distance from people around at least 1m, and keep doing a clean and healthy lifestyle can be done at this time to avoid transmission of COVID-19.

If symptoms occur and are accompanied by the history mentioned above, immediately isolate yourself and contact a doctor immediately.

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