Characteristics Of Bipolar Symptoms?

Illustration of Characteristics Of Bipolar Symptoms?
Illustration: Characteristics Of Bipolar Symptoms?

Hi, It’s been from 1 year ago that my portion of sleep was lacking, every night I slept past 2 at night and woke up at 7 in the morning, sometimes I slept at 5 woke up at 7. My mood often changed in the sense Often very excited and suddenly completely lazy. Then at the beginning of this month I was unconsciously often silent and dreaming even though the situation was crowded in the middle of work colleagues. My question is, Am I one of those who have bipolar disorder? Thank you, Please give me the enlightenment.

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Bipolar condition is a condition in which a person experiences a very drastid mood change where for the criteria that meet asalah experiences a condition where being overly biased can be in the form of wearing very excessive clothing with striking colors, destroying money for something that cannot be controlled in a period of 1 week later can change into a very sad condition, not excited, the condition does not feel like doing anything for 2 weeks. This to uphold the bipolar condition is the competence of a specialist psychiatrist. Some things you can do to overcome are 1. Avoid stressful conditions 2. Do the things you enjoy in your free time 3. Apply a healthy lifestyle that is exercise and nutritious food 4. Use a diary as one of your ways to express feelings You. Thus the information that we can convey may be useful thanks

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