Characteristics Of Kidney Disease?

Illustration of Characteristics Of Kidney Disease?
Illustration: Characteristics Of Kidney Disease?


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Kidney is an important organ in the body, kidney functions to produce erythropoetin, maintain body volume, and carry out filtration. Kidney disease consists of various types of diseases. Next we will explain kidney failure. Kidney failure can consist of acute or chronic kidney failure.

Acute kidney failure is a condition where there is a sudden change in kidney function, kidney failure I can occur in people who were previously healthy did not have a disease. Acute kidney failure can be caused due to several causes such as sudden blood pressure rise, renal artery blockage (renal stenosis), dehydration, rupture of blood vessels, or due to heart disease. Acute kidney failure can cause a person to become heavy shortness of breath, swollen body, until a decline in consciousness. These symptoms are usually common in acute kidney failure.

In chronic kidney failure, progressive worsening is usually seen in kidney function. In patients with chronic kidney failure can cause symptoms of progressive shortness of breath, a history of swelling in the body before, easily tired when activity, weakness, and high blood pressure that is difficult to fall.

Whatever the type of disease, in general, kidney disease can aggravate other organ systems such as the heart. resulting in frequent heart problems caused by kidney disease (cardiorenal syndrome). This is quite often the case for kidney failure. what you should know also in the article on is based on theories from trusted sources, so if indeed you have read the article then the symptoms are often the case.

The following article can be read about acute kidney failure

chronic kidney failure

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