Characteristics Of Knowing Physiological Fatigue In Alcoholics?

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Alcohol has many benefits in human life, ranging from medical purposes, to ingredients for making cosmetics or perfumes, as well as ingredients for drinks. But anything if used excessively and improperly will have negative effects. Likewise, alcoholic drinks are considered part of the modern lifestyle by some people, both in Western countries and in Indonesia. It all started from just wanting to try, but not a few ended up falling into addiction. Alcohol addiction or alcoholism is a condition in which a person's body becomes attached to or dependent on drinking alcohol and it becomes increasingly difficult to control his desire to consume it due to chemical changes in the brain. Alcohol addiction can cause physical stress that can lead to serious health problems. Various factors cause a person to fall into and experience alcohol addiction, including:

Psychological factors - stress, depression, experienced trauma as a child
Social environment
Genetics - have a family history of the drinker

Alcoholic drinks can have side effects in the short and long term and this depends on the physical condition of each person and the amount drunk. Some of the most common short-term effects are:

Vomiting or diarrhea
Stomach ache
Slurred speech
Impaired coordination and perception
Urinating frequently
Blurred vision
Loss of consciousness

Some of the long-term social and physiological effects of drinking alcohol include:

Breakdown of family relationships
Increased accident cases
Loss of productivity and motivation to work
Impaired sexual function
High blood pressure with all its consequences such as stroke and heart disease
Gastritis or stomach ulcers

Liver disorders to cirrhosis

Vitamin B deficiency
Impaired brain and nerve function - dementia

Damage to the pancreas - pancreatitis

Liver, throat, pancreas, intestine cancer, etc.

For more information read the article on alcohol addiction. May be useful. Greetings, Dr. Shirly

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