Characteristics Of People With OCD?

Illustration of Characteristics Of People With OCD?
Illustration: Characteristics Of People With OCD?

Hi … I want to ask. lately I often don’t like something messy. I also often get angry if there are dirty or disgusting. I’m angry at everyone at home. I also often speak sentences that are not needed. stuttering, and my uncontrollable attitude when there are new people. Do I have OCD? or am I just too thorough? thanks

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Hello dearpumil,

Thank you for the question.

At first glance, referring to the information you mentioned, it is indeed possible that you experience due to obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). OCD itself is a psychiatric disorder that causes sufferers to experience obsessive thoughts (thoughts that come repeatedly, continuously, can not be controlled, and very disturbing, which causes excessive stress and anxiety) and compulsive behavior (repetitive behavior and feeling must do, and cause feelings of stress and anxiety when not done). Sometimes, complaints like yours can also be part of symptoms of excessive anxiety disorders, delusional disorders, specific phobias, personality disorders, bipolar disorder, or just part of the nature of perfectionism, conscientiousness, and a love for proper hygiene.

Distinguishing which conditions are still quite reasonable, and which are included psychiatric disorders certainly not enough to do only with online consultation like this. First, you need to see your doctor or psychiatrist so that you can do in-depth psychiatric interviews about your condition. Some types of drugs, counseling, psychotherapy, or other therapeutic modalities can also be given to your doctor.

In the meantime, all you need to do:

Make yourself calmer, control your emotions well
Understand, that not everyone understands your desires, so improve the way you communicate with people around you so as not to offend people
Start all good behavior from yourself, so that other people also emulate through your behavior. For example, make sure you always keep yourself and your room clean, before forcing people to clean your house or workplace
Make a priority scale in your life, focus on your priorities, don't be too busy thinking about small things that are insignificant, especially to stress you out
Do things that make you relax, including on vacations, hobbies, hanging out with loved ones, worshiping fervently

Hope this helps ...

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