Characteristics Of Stroke Sufferers?

Illustration of Characteristics Of Stroke Sufferers?
Illustration: Characteristics Of Stroke Sufferers?

my mother was sitting in a recitation, she suddenly could not stand up and there was no strength in her limbs after being cared for for almost a week, thank God, I could walk and talk, but I felt my mother’s memory and attitude were different, why?

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If you view from the information you convey, chances are your mother has had a stroke. This stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain becomes blocked or broken, causing the brain tissue to not get enough nutrition and oxygen. Clinical symptoms that can be observed in stroke patients include:

Sensory disorders, such as tingling, numbness, numbness
Motor disorders, such as weakness, paralysis
Coordination and balance disorders, such as being unable to walk, dizziness
Disorders of active and passive speech, so that they cannot speak well or capture the conversation of others properly
Others, such as headaches, nausea, vomiting, visual disturbances, memory disorders, attitude and behavior disorders, decreased consciousness, and so on

The condition of your mother who has memory problems and changes in attitude, in addition to the direct impact of the stroke she experienced, can also occur due to psychological pressure that occurs due to sudden hardship that makes her unable to carry out activities as usual. This condition needs good assistance so it does not lead to more severe mental disorders, such as depression.

Therefore, in addition to accompanying your mother to treatment for her stroke to a doctor or neurologist, we suggest you also do the following trick:

Encourage your mother to talk a lot, don't leave her alone for long
Ask what he wants, how he feels, is there any anxiety he feels
Be a good listener, help your mother deal with her illness patiently and sincerely
Encourage your mother to do things she previously liked, such as doing hobbies, visiting relatives, recreation, and so on
Slowly, help him do his daily activities, while also training his independence with lots of practice
Give your mother a healthy meal, rich in folic acid
Create comfortable living conditions, away from noise, so your mother can rest well

If the steps above have not been successful in alleviating your mother's condition, consult with your doctor directly. It may be that the doctor will refer your mother to a psychiatrist if necessary.

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