Characteristics Of Tumor Symptoms?

Illustration of Characteristics Of Tumor Symptoms?
Illustration: Characteristics Of Tumor Symptoms?

Hello, I want to ask what are the initial symptoms of the tumor?

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Tumor is a condition that is stated if there is abnormal tissue growth in the body.

In general, the initial symptom that is felt when there is a tumor is the discovery of a lump in certain places where the tumor cells are growing. Other symptoms that accompany it depend on the location of the tumor itself, such as lung tumors that will cause complaints in the lungs such as shortness of breath or chest pain. Besides depending on its location, the symptoms of the tumor also depend on whether or not the tumor is malignant (cancer or not cancer), the more severe the symptoms that accompany it are generally more severe.

To make it easier, the common symptoms that accompany tumor patients are:

Found a lump (either on direct examination / clearly visible, or visible by using certain investigations)
Limp body
Decreased appetite
Weight loss

If it is felt to have complaints as above and is accompanied by a lump, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor further to ascertain whether the lump is cancerous or only a benign tumor.

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