Characteristics Recover From Gonorrhea?

Illustration of Characteristics Recover From Gonorrhea?
Illustration: Characteristics Recover From Gonorrhea?

I march 19 on unprotected contact then on march 24 my penis aches a little pus and then is treated with paracetamol and anti-biotic drugs from the doctor. but a little … I brought it again to my doctor at my home. On Thursday, March 27, I gave the drug omeproxyl ciprofloxacin hcl, amoxilin omemox and femastan forte I drank for 3 days and I saw the results physically. pus does not come out anymore, in the week of the drug, I bought the medicine again because the doctor was closed … but I only took omeproxyl and femastan because there was no drug in the omemex. this afternoon I want the general practitioner … and I am eating like an eneg or want to feel nauseous if the fish has a fishy smell? thanks

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Good evening Aries Nasrul, thank you for asking

It is recommended for you not to buy antibiotics freely because each treatment, especially antibiotics, has an indication of administration and can cause resistance (the effectiveness of these antibiotics to fight bacteria is reduced)

According to the guidelines for sexually transmitted infections from Indonesian dermatologist and genitals, some types of antibiotics such as ciprofloxacin (which you mentioned above) have shown high resistance in several cities, but again, each doctor certainly has his own consideration in choosing the best medicine for the patient.

If after taking medication as prescribed, you still experience complaints, you should immediately consult a doctor for further evaluation and treatment. The doctor will assess whether the gonorrhea you have experienced complications (such as swelling of the testicles) that require longer antibiotic therapy. If after examination and a definitive diagnosis, the doctor may change or add antibiotic choices. Determination of whether or not the gonorrhea you experience should be evaluated directly by a doctor.

It is also recommended that you always use safeguards during sexual intercourse (such as condoms), and you should abstain / not have sexual relations especially those who are at risk of having a sexually transmitted infection.

All our answers, hopefully useful, good afternoon.

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