Characteristics Seen In Children With Down Syndrome?

What characteristics can be seen and measured by Down syndrome patients in any child?

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Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that occurs because of 1 extra copy of chromosome number 21 (trisomy 21). According to a variety of literature, this condition is vulnerable to be experienced by children born to mothers aged over 35 years, especially those who have close relatives who are also sufferers of Down syndrome.

Clinically, Down syndrome can be characterized by several physical characteristics, such as a smaller head size, flat back of the head, angle of the outer eye rising up, small or abnormal ear shape, flat nose bones, small mouth, short neck, short neck skin sagging, small and short fingers, wide palms and only 1 hand line, weak and overly flexible muscles, low birth weight, and so on. In posture, children with Down syndrome may look normal according to the age standard. It's just that, for development, he often experiences delays, such as aspects of speech, socio-emotional, and also motor. In addition, the intelligence of a child with Down syndrome is generally far below average, so he often has problems in learning and doing daily activities.

The detection of Down syndrome can not only be observed from the clinical symptoms, as mentioned above. Since in the womb the Down syndrome can already be detected, such as by ultrasound examination, blood test, amniotic water test, or also test sample placenta (chorionic villus sampling). Therefore, consult with your doctor, obstetrician, or pediatrician on this matter ...

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