Check Pregnancy Before Late Menstruation To SpOg?

Illustration of Check Pregnancy Before Late Menstruation To SpOg?
Illustration: Check Pregnancy Before Late Menstruation To SpOg?

Good afternoon doctor ,,, I want to ask can I find out if I am pregnant or not before it’s too late, if I go to a gynecologist to check ???

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One of the subjective signs that can be observed in women who are pregnant is the absence of menstruation. As a result of the fertilization that implants (implants) into the uterine wall, the body will condition itself to prepare for pregnancy, namely by preventing the uterine wall from breaking down and thicken it to be able to support the fetus properly. This is what causes menstruation to not occur.

Pregnancy detection can be done in several ways, including through urine tests, blood tests, or ultrasound. These various examinations should be done after the occurrence of delayed menstruation, at least 1 week, or more. This is due to several considerations, including:

At a very young gestational age, the increase in pregnancy hormone levels, which are often used as indicators of pregnancy detection through urine and blood tests, is still not very significant. If the test is done before the menstrual schedule arrives, it is likely that this increase in pregnancy hormones cannot be detected through the test pack, so the test results can be negative, even though pregnancy is actually occurring (false-negative).
At a very young gestational age (less than 8 weeks), the fetus is generally very small (less than 1.5 cm). As a result, if an ultrasound examination is done before the due menstrual schedule, it is unlikely that the fetus will appear in the uterus. If it is true that you are pregnant, then at the age of less than 8 weeks of pregnancy, you will normally see a gestational sac or thickening of the walls in your uterus. This can certainly be a little confusing, considering that there are a variety of other conditions that can also show the same appearance on an ultrasound examination, for example just before menstruation, using certain birth control, experiencing pregnancy disorders (for example, pregnant wines, blighted ovum), or also suffering from certain diseases, for example, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, and so on. To differentiate between each of these conditions, your doctor will generally recommend that you do a repeat ultrasound 2 to 4 weeks later.

There is no absolute prohibition in fact checking the possibility of pregnancy before the occurrence of delayed menstruation. However, based on the considerations above, it is advisable that you be patient to wait until the time for your menstrual schedule should arrive so that the results you get can be more accurate.

That's all for our explanation. For more details, please consult directly with a gynecologist.

The best time to take a pregnancy test

I hope this helps.

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