Cheek Bumps After Crying?

Illustration of Cheek Bumps After Crying?
Illustration: Cheek Bumps After Crying?

, lately my cheeks are always bumpy after crying, is it an allergy or what? Thanks.

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Allergic reactions can occur as a result of exposure to various materials, such as cosmetics, food, medicine, house dust, or from conditions that are too hot and cold, physical pressure, scratches, and others.

One of the allergies that can arise due to exposure to one's own tears is aquagenic urticaria. The cause and mechanism of aquagenic urticaria are not clearly known. Symptoms include red bumps and skin accompanied by itching or burning sensation when exposed to tears.

To diagnose aquagenic urticaria, the doctor needs to carry out a physical examination and rule out causes other than tears, because exposure to dust with tears can also cause allergies.

The handling of this allergic reaction includes administering antihistamine drugs which function to reduce allergic reactions by blocking the work of histamine receptors. In addition, you should keep your eyes and face clean and not scratch the bumps (bumps) that appear when you get tears on your face.

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