Chemotherapy For Cancer Patients?

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in the morning, I want to ask if the PA results after the mastectomy surgery show that the breasts are clean, there is no tumor to the lymph nodes, chemotherapy will still be done? Or do you not need chemotherapy? And if the PA results say that there is no tumor tissue in the tissue taken yesterday, it guarantees that the body is 100% free of cancer? Or is there a possibility of cancer spreading to other places?

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Hi Andari. In general, chemotherapy is useful to overcome the problem of abnormal cell growth which in this case means cancer. Cancer is excessive and abnormal cell growth and can spread to other tissues through blood vessels or lymphatics. If indeed your PA examination does not find cells that lead to cancer, then in general cancer treatment such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy is not needed. However, again you should consult with your doctor for further treatment. This is because it is still necessary to match your condition with these results because the results themselves are supportive to ensure your condition. Consult further with your doctor regarding further treatment. Hopefully helpful, and thank you. Regards, Dr Alyssa

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