Chest Discomfort And Stiff Muscles?

Illustration of Chest Discomfort And Stiff Muscles?
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good evening consul, yes, my chest feels uncomfortable for more than a year, my muscles feel stiff every day, I often check with the doctor, even have been treated several times, but have not recovered, last week I was hospitalized for 2 days at the PGI Cikini Hospital, Jakarta , but it hasn’t healed yet, I’ve done everything such as blood check, EKG, treadmill, heart echo, ultrasound, x-ray too, everything is good and normal, the doctor only gave stomach medicine, and also suggested to a psychiatrist, but I haven’t checked it yet go to a psychiatrist because I don’t have a problem with my psyche, oh yes, I used to be massaged a lot by stepping on my back, could it have something to do with my disease? and what should I do so that my disease can heal quickly, thank you.

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Among the causes of chest discomfort are muscle injuries, bone injuries, nerves, lung disorders, heart, and disorders of increased stomach acid. If you are worried about the habit of being massaged by being trampled on the back of the body, it is included in the possibility of muscle and nerve injury, but this condition should not last more than a year.

In your case, because you have been hospitalized for up to 2 days, and did all the examinations you mentioned, we assume that you have been treated by a specialist and have passed the complete treatment. And indeed, when everything has been checked and normal, another possibility that can be taken into account is mental problems.

You should not equate mental problems with madness or general mental illness. Mental problems vary, ranging from difficulty sleeping, difficulty having a partner, being too anxious, worrying too easily, overthinking, always having problems at work, having trouble concentrating and remembering, being too afraid of something to of course, losing your mind. The psychiatrist will not be upset when you come and will not bring up 'serious' mental problems.

Also, if it's true that you think you don't have any emotional problems, that shouldn't be a reason not to see a psychiatrist. Because if you are normal, your psychiatrist will say you are normal, not necessarily say you have a problem and force you to take medicine. Check with a psychiatrist, as well as blood tests, ecg, treadmill, heart echo, ultrasound, and x-rays that you do. The difference is, all the tests that you do are done to check physically, and by going to a psychiatrist, what is examined is psychic, that's all.

But of course, everything comes back to you, no one can force you to go to a specific doctor for specific treatment. It's just that one of the possible causes of complaints in the chest that you feel is coming from the psyche. And seeing a psychiatrist is one way to rule out that possibility. Meanwhile, try to pay attention to whether you always feel that discomfort, or if there are times when the soreness is gone. If there is, try to create conditions such as when the soreness is gone. And practice breathing by inhaling deeply through the nose, and slowly exhaling through the mouth. Get well soon.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D Basfiansa

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