Chest Feels Heavy As If There Is Mucus In The Throat Whether The Symptoms Of Corona?

Illustration of Chest Feels Heavy As If There Is Mucus In The Throat Whether The Symptoms Of Corona?
Illustration: Chest Feels Heavy As If There Is Mucus In The Throat Whether The Symptoms Of Corona?

Hello doc, I want to ask. I have long felt my chest heavy to breathe, like mucus in the throat, but when coughed out there is no mucus at all. And sometimes when the chest chills pain. I am very worried, because now the corona virus is spreading. I wonder why I feel pain, doc? And what are the next actions? Thanks.

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The complaint of breathing feels heavy that you feel, as if there is mucus in the respiratory tract or your throat but when coughed up there is no mucus that you suspect, then this condition is likely related to your dry throat or the presence of GERD / Gastroesophageal reflux disease where acid Your stomach rises and rises to your esophagus and throat. This can be supported by a history of gastric disease or previous gastritis.

If you do not currently feel a complaint of coughing and fever more than 38 degrees celsius, then the risk of Covid-19 infection is very small. However, even the smallest complaint requires evaluation and vigilance until you get better and recover from this complaint.

As for Covid-19 infection, the risk factor that needs to be considered is contact with a Covid-19 patient or having been in a local transmission area in the last 14 days. So, with the presence of these risk factors, health conditions can be more risky or decreased and within the incubation period of 2-14 days, patients may encounter several accompanying complaints in the form of:

 Cough / sore throat Body temperature rises or Fever> 38 degrees celsius Other causes cannot be confirmed against current pain complaints Shortness of breath confirmed by doctor's examination Within 14 days of contact with a suspicious patient Covid-19 or a positive patient Covid-19 In your 14 days travel long distances or out of town / abroad where the area is a local transmission area that has been determined by the Ministry of Health or an authorized organization. If your current residence is in a risky area but a fever of more than 38 degrees Celsius is not found and there are no complaints of cough, then this may not be a Covid-19 Virus infection. However, you should continue to work on a number of things related to the recovery and evaluation of complaints of shortness of breath / feeling this heavy as you feel in a period of vigilance towards Corona as now, such as:

 Avoid staying up late, when it is time to sleep, immediately go to sleep Consume nutritious food and nutritious drinks Stay at home to restore stamina and endurance social distancing in your home against conditions outside your home, this is done to prevent the risk of contact and accretion of patients Covid keeps increasing Avoid activities outside the home, so stay quiet at home until your condition improves and the area around you is declared safe. Avoid physical fatigue Get used to good personal hygiene such as bathing, washing your hands regularly, and using a mask when you cough Avoid or limit spicy foods, fried foods, oily foods, instant foods or foods that are not maintained hygiene Use hand sanitizer as a second line, especially if it is difficult to see soap and water If complaints are increasing and accompanied by complaints of cough, fever more than 38 degrees celsius and or shortness of breath is increasing , immediately to a pro hospital vinsi or hospital in the city where you live So you stay alert to the conditions and risk of Covid-19 infection, but you are still vigilant in doing this in a reasonable effort and your health condition is getting better.

Regarding the complaint you feel, the presence of severe breathing or chest pain, in addition to lack of drinking water or GERD disorders, the possibility of triggering other medical conditions can also cause similar complaints:

 Initial strep throat (not due to Covid-19 infection) Physical fatigue that has accumulated in recent days Muscle stiffness Trauma Lack of stretching or exercise Heart problems Airway disorders So that an evaluation is needed to determine the cause of this complaint. However, some of the above treatment efforts and warm compresses on your chest area, this complaint is expected to get better. Whenever your doctor needs an examination, you can do an online consultation under current conditions, especially if you are in the local transmission area. If your doctor can provide online treatment recommendations for now, (unless your doctor recommends coming to the clinic for treatment) then you can continue the treatment that has been recommended by your doctor. Thus, this complaint will improve in a few days.

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