Chest Feels Heavy When Taking A Deep Breath?

Illustration of Chest Feels Heavy When Taking A Deep Breath?
Illustration: Chest Feels Heavy When Taking A Deep Breath?

At night I want to ask, sometimes I feel run out of oxygen and sometimes it stops without me realizing … So I have to take a deep breath afterwards and I feel heavy when taking a deep breath … That incident also took place while I was sleeping … That’s why huh?

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The process of breathing is basically a process that goes unnoticed during stimulation of the respiratory center in the brain. Although it occurs unconsciously, the process of breathing can still be intervened consciously due to the existence of several parts of the respiratory muscles that can be consciously moved.

However, if indeed unconscious breathing is often interrupted, especially during sleep, this can be caused by several conditions such as:

Obstructive sleep apnea

To determine what conditions are causing your complaint, it is highly recommended to check your complaint further to a pulmonary specialist. The doctor may advise you to carry out several further examinations to determine the cause and also to determine what therapy should be given for your condition.

In the meantime, you can try to do breathing exercises so that your breathing becomes more regular. It is also recommended to improve your sleeping position so as not to cause your neck to bend or your head to look up, do regular exercise, and also lose weight if you are overweight. Also avoid smoking or consuming alcoholic drinks.

I hope this helps.

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