Chest Feels Uncomfortable

Illustration of Chest Feels Uncomfortable
Illustration: Chest Feels Uncomfortable

Doc, I’m 23 years old. Now I am feeling discomfort in my chest, feeling like someone who is eating, then suddenly I want to drink, so that’s how much discomfort in my chest. Accompanied by the betuk once in a while … If for example the nose gets wind, it will be accompanied by a little shortness of breath. The story is that I had a cold and cough about a week. And fever once a day before chest pain appears … after that, in the morning it became like this. I wonder what it hurts huh doc? I am not a smoker and not a drunk. But I work in a cosmetics factory. Which is often directly related to sharp odors.

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The symptoms that you mentioned are not specific to a particular disease, but if you want to be traced from the symptoms of discomfort in the chest, then there are several things that can cause these symptoms:

Strains on the muscles in the chest area
GERD or stomach acid disease
Pulmonary disorders such as pneumothorax, pulmonary embolism, pleurisy
Psychiatric disorders such as anxiety disorders, panic attacks, depression

You should try to look for certain triggers that cause discomfort in your chest (for example whether discomfort occurs after eating, or after eating certain foods, occurs while sleeping / lying down, occurs during activity, occurs in certain situations , etc). If there are indeed certain triggers, try to avoid these triggers and monitor again if the symptoms that you feel are still present. The following are some things you can try to do:

Eat regularly, don't leave your stomach empty for too long
Avoid eating too much
Avoid lying down after eating
Avoid eating food that is too fatty and too spicy for a while
Drink enough fluids every day
Enough sleep and rest
Try to relax, do relaxation exercises such as deep breathing exercises, yoga, or meditation

If you feel discomfort in your chest becomes painful and the pain is getting heavy, you experience shortness of breath, or you have a fever, do a doctor's examination for further evaluation and management.

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