Chest, Low Back And Back Pain?

Illustration of Chest, Low Back And Back Pain?
Illustration: Chest, Low Back And Back Pain?

Good night doc .. I want to ask what is the cause of left chest pain, waist and spine … sometimes feels chest like du puncture … and when it relaxes the muscles feel like loss of body balance .. please enlighten ..

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Hello Azizi,

There are so many conditions that can cause chest pain. In the chest area there are muscles, bones, heart, lungs, blood vessels, etc. Abnormalities in these tissues and organs can cause chest pain, including:

Muscle injury Rib injury In the rib cartilage Pleuritis Gastroesophageal reflux disease Heart attack, chest pain that is typical of a heart attack is pain such as heavy pressure, can be accompanied by spreading of pain to the left arm, neck. There can be reduced by rest, some are settled even though it has rested. Often accompanied by complaints of shortness of breath, sweating a lot. If you experience these things, seek medical help immediately. and so on Complaints of back pain and spine can not be related to chest pain that you feel. The lumbar region and the spine are the parts that support weight and function a lot in movement. Constant activities such as heavy lifting or sitting in the same position can cause complaints of back pain and spine due to muscle spasms. If there is a history of falling from a height, accident or collision in the area, you should consult a doctor to make sure there are no bone problems. When low back pain is accompanied by complaints of pain during urination, feeling of pangs, any blood in the urine, complaints of low back pain can be caused by disorders of the urinary tract (infections, urinary tract stones, etc.).

To determine the right diagnosis for your complaint, you should check directly with your doctor. Your doctor will conduct interviews about your complaints, physical examinations, and other necessary investigations such as electrocardiography / heart records, spinal X-rays, urine analysis, to more sophisticated examinations such as CT-scan or MRI.

Enough rest. Do 30 minutes of regular exercise per day preceded by proper warm-up. Consumption of foods with balanced nutrition, to meet the body's calcium needs.

Thus the explanation from me, may be useful.

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