Chest Pain

Illustration of Chest Pain
Illustration: Chest Pain

Hello doc..I have been suffering from chest pain lately, doc, since the Corona virus has spread so scared. If I get infected with Corona virus, my child and wife will also be hit … but they are fine. 10 minutes and finally my chest hurts even more. Throat like rheumatic pain, flatulence, farting straight away, chest aches, a little shortness of breath, the left side feels heavy left hand aches? What’s wrong, doc?

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 Thank you for using the consulting service
 We understand the concerns that you feel
 Chest pain, can be caused by various causes, including:

Disorders of the respiratory muscles
Disorders of the digestive tract such as gastroesophageal reflux (GERD), dyspepsia, gastritis
Psychological disorders such as psychosomatic
Lung disorders by infections such as tuberculosis and pleurisy, pneumothorax due to trauma or non-trauma
Heart disorders such as angina pain, myocardial infarction, and coronary heart disease

Some of the above diseases may have similar complaints, namely pain that is felt in the chest area.
 However, related to the complaint you are feeling, we suspect these symptoms are influenced by disorders of your stomach acid or can be referred to as gastroesophageal reflux. History of consuming spicy foods and sour foods can trigger increased production of stomach acid which can cause pain sensations in the chest, pain in the stomach / heartburn, shortness of breath, bloating and other digestive complaints. Dyspepsia and inflammation of the stomach wall are also still possible. Also, be aware that stress and anxiety factors can trigger symptoms in stomach disorders.

As a result of anxiety and fear that you feel, it can also trigger psychosomatic disorders, namely physical disorders that are felt due to psychiatric influences.

To be sure, further examination is needed including history history of the symptoms felt, physical examination and supporting examinations such as blood laboratories, heart records / ECG, and chest X-ray if necessary.

Therefore, we recommend that you do further tests to the nearest doctor or specialist in internal medicine. The doctor will conduct a thorough evaluation related to your complaint.
 The doctor will give medical consideration regarding what examination method is appropriate to assess the type of disease you are experiencing.

Pandemic COVID-19 disease by the New Variant corona virus (SARS-COV 2) raises various concerns for the community. Symptoms that look similar to the symptoms of the common cold, in some groups of people can trigger respiratory problems that lead to respiratory failure and death. But for those who have good immunity, the virus will disappear on its own with or without symptoms.

Until now, symptoms that are often complained of in patients with corona virus infection / COVID-19 include:

Fever> 38 ° C
Dry cough
Out of breath
Sore throat
Pain in muscles and joints
The body feels achy

Keep in mind that not everyone who has a viral infection will have symptoms. Someone who is a carrier, that is, those who have good immunity so that symptoms will not appear to potentially transmit to others without being noticed.

Therefore, you don't need to worry too much. Excessive fear of the disease can actually trigger other physical complaints. At present the thing you and your family can do is conduct physical distancing to reduce the risk of transmission of infection, because we do not know for sure who are carriers who are asymptomatic but have the potential to transmit the virus or are caused by other types of viral infections. .
 Get enough rest at home, consume healthy and nutritious food, consume enough fluids, exercise regularly and frequently wash your hands with soap.
 Thus the information we can convey, hopefully helps

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