Chest Pain

Illustration of Chest Pain
Illustration: Chest Pain

Good night doc I want to ask, before I exercise around 4 pm then sit up around half-past 6, the next day I menstruate and I go during heavy rain, then the 3rd day of menstruation why my chest hurts and moves from the right or to left, but now it starts not too painful but sometimes the pain comes a little, what’s the symptom of pain huh doc, please help answer, thank you Doctor

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Hello Maria Ulfa,

Pain is an uncomfortable / unpleasant sensation that usually arises due to a disruption in body tissue. In the chest itself there are many tissues and organs, disruption to one of them can cause pain. Pain itself can be from mild to severe intensity, the patient can move normally, there is also a limit on patient activity. There is pain that feels like a sharp object pierced, like electrocuted, like tied, and so on. There is pain that is local, there are also those that can spread to other body parts. All the information about the pain is needed by the doctor to help determine where your pain is coming from.

Chest pain can occur due to the following conditions:

Musculoskeletal disorders: muscle strains, muscle spasms, bruising of muscles, inflammation of muscles - ligaments, inflammation of cartilage in the chest, chest fractures (usually a history of trauma)
Heart disorders: ischemic heart disease, inflammation of the heart
Pulmonary disorders: pleurisy, pneumonia
Skin disorders: post herpes neuralgia, abscesses, cellulitis

If there is indeed a history of strenuous exercise (rarely exercising before) pain in the areas of the muscle being trained is common. Chest pain due to muscle disorders is felt especially when in certain body positions or when breathing in. Muscle pain due to activity generally subsides by itself within 3-7 days. You can minimize the activity of using the muscles of the area if you want the pain to disappear quickly. Take pain relievers (which are over-the-counter / non-hard drugs) if necessary.

If chest pain is accompanied by complaints of shortness of breath, pain that radiates to the left arm, severe pain during activities such as a heavy weighted chest, heart palpitations - until there is a sense of fainting, you should immediately consult a doctor. Investigations such as heart records in these conditions, can help find the presence or absence of life-threatening conditions such as heart attacks.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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