Chest Pain Accompanied By Heartburn, Throat Lumps And Easily Tired?

Illustration of Chest Pain Accompanied By Heartburn, Throat Lumps And Easily Tired?
Illustration: Chest Pain Accompanied By Heartburn, Throat Lumps And Easily Tired?

At night, I am 25 years old for a few weeks now I often feel pain in my left chest followed by shortness of breath feeling in my throat and sometimes pain in my solar plexus, sometimes I often feel 5L in doing light homework. I also have frequent headaches and belching this week. And there are often feelings of anxiety. Do I feel the symptoms of heart disease? Ask for the answer please. Thank you

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At your age, which is 25 years, there are very few cases of heart disease or heart attack, except in young patients with a history of heart disease since childhood or have congenital heart disease carried from birth. So the possibility of the emergence of heart disease is small.
The presence of chest pain complaints, not always ensure a heart disease, but chest pain is one of the symptoms of heart disease. Chest pain is a heart disease that must be ascertained directly by your family doctor or cardiologist by direct physical examination, so that the doctor can carry out a direct examination and ascertain the cause of chest pain complaints.
In general, chest pain can be caused by various types of medical conditions, because chest pain is a common accompanying complaint and can be caused by diseases other than heart disease. Some other medical conditions that can cause chest pain are:
1. lung infection
2. long cough
3. chest trauma
4. stomach upset
5. GERD or the increase of stomach acid into the esophagus
6. chest muscle tension
7. skin infections in the chest area
8. stress
9. disorders of the nerve
If the complaint of chest pain is followed by complaints of belching, shortness of breath, heartburn, feeling anxious, often feeling 5L, then this chest pain complaint may be triggered by stress or excessive anxiety which triggers stomach disorders and chest pain (chest muscle tension). If indeed you currently feel anxious about something, or an excessive burden of mind, then this condition will cause gastric and digestive disorders, where this will increase gas in the intestine and trigger complaints of belching and irritation of the digestive tract, so you easily feel pain chest, heavy breathing, fatigue, belching, feeling of bloating or bloating to cold sweat you can also feel. Therefore, if you do have a history of stomach disorders and are currently under stress for some reason, then you should control all of these complaints.
If within the next 2 days the complaint is still disturbing, immediately visit your family doctor or your internal medicine doctor. The doctor will conduct interviews, physical examinations and supporting examinations, so that the doctor can ascertain the cause of this complaint. However, if the complaints of chest pain and tightness that you feel is increasing, so whenever these complaints get worse, you can immediately go to the nearest hospital. The doctor will determine the cause and provide the necessary care. Thus, your condition will be better.
For now, to prevent these complaints from getting worse, you should avoid physical fatigue, avoid sleeping late; and avoid spicy foods, instant foods, packaged drinks, cigarettes when smoking, and ready meals. Consume healthy food for your body, so that your stamina and body remain optimal.
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