Chest Pain And Palpitations After Hitting The Ball?

Illustration of Chest Pain And Palpitations After Hitting The Ball?
Illustration: Chest Pain And Palpitations After Hitting The Ball?

Good evening .. r nI want to ask, I hit my left chest with a putsal ball, it was quite tight until it was tight. R nSince then my heart felt weak and felt a pulse. R nAfter 3 weeks, to be precise this morning there was a burning sensation -Smooth. r nTo the chest and other parts there is no swelling or pain. r n r nThank you. Kind regards

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Hello, ID Darudin Thank you for asking

The impact injury you have experienced can also be referred to as blunt trauma. The impact of blunt trauma will depend on the trauma mechanism, the speed of the blunt object, the location of the impact and the direction of the impact.

Of course, when blunt trauma occurs in the chest, there will be an impact on the chest. The chest consists of skin, muscles, bones, and internal organs that are protected by bones, such as the heart, lungs, large blood vessels, and airways.

However, when you can still do activities after the impact, and the pain can still be overcome. You don't have to worry too much. The following are the effects that often arise from blunt injuries to the chest:

Skin: The impact due to blunt trauma will be directly in contact with the skin, so there may be abrasions on the affected area. In addition, there can also be found injuries or impact marks in the form of bruises. Bluish bruising on the affected area can indicate bleeding under the skin, or bruising can be a major sign of interference with other internal organs. So
Muscle: impact can also cause injury to the muscles, the muscles can become inflamed, causing pain when breathing in, and swelling and warmth can occur on the touch of the affected area.
Bone: If the impact is strong enough it can also cause rib injury. A fracture in the rib is usually very painful, which can make the patient nervous. In addition, broken ribs can also cause complications such as lung damage due to broken ribs hitting the lungs. Severe rib fractures can require surgery to treat. However, if the rib injury is mild, the usually can heal itself and the pain will gradually disappear in the 6th to 8th week after the impact.
Organs in the chest cavity: Lungs, heart, large blood vessels, pulmonary tract (bronchi).

The chest cavity of humans contains very important and vital organs and blood vessels such as large blood vessels, the heart and lungs, but these organs are protected by strong sternum or ribs so that it takes force and impact speed that is strong enough to cause wear and tear of the internal organs. chest cavity. In general, injuries that can cause damage to internal organs in the chest cavity, for example, a motorized accident at high speed causing a very strong impact. And this incident includes an emergency condition that requires immediate medical attention, if not treated it can be life threatening.

However, if after the collision event, you are still doing activities, the pain can still be overcome, it does not cause severe tightness, you don't need to worry. It may only be external, non-emergency injuries, for example, injuries to muscles and skin. However, if chest pain appears after 3 weeks after injury, other health causes also need to be considered, because if the cause is a collision, the chest pain usually gradually disappears. Chest pain can be a sign of certain medical conditions. Here are some causes of chest pain that are not dangerous:

Chest cavity muscle injury, rib injury.

Costochonditis or inflammation of the cartilage that connects the sternum to the ribs.

Acid reflux and heartburn (GERD).

Other chest pains that are classified as dangerous include chest pain due to heart and non-cardiac chest pain. The following are causes of chest pain that require immediate medical attention:

Pneumothorax, the presence of air between the lining that covers the lungs so that the lungs will collapse and the sufferer has difficulty breathing.

Pulmonary embolism or the formation of blood clots in the blood vessels of the lungs, usually the patient will experience severe shortness of breath until fainting.

Chest pain due to heart or angina, usually pain next to the chest cry that spreads to the jaw and left hand, such as heavy pressure or squeezing, accompanied by nausea, profuse sweating, and feeling like fainting.

If you feel signs of chest pain that is classified as dangerous, immediately see a doctor at the emergency room or the nearest health facility. This problem requires medical attention as soon as possible.

And to find out more about whether the pain you feel comes from a collision or other health problems, you need to do a direct physical examination. That's why don't hesitate to check with your doctor. Basically, a dull impact will cause pain after the impact occurs, and the pain will gradually disappear. However, in some conditions it can also cause pain to appear longer, for example in a rib injury. To be more sure, doctors usually need additional examinations such as X-rays of bones and others.

If the ribs are injured or broken, the symptoms you feel are such as aching pain when you inhale, cough, move your hands, lift things. This is because the ribs will continue to move as you perform these activities.

Here are ways you can treat pain from dull injuries from rib injury:

Compress the affected chest area with a towel filled with ice / cold
Take nonprescription pain relievers such as paracetamol
Don't lie down too long
Avoid activities that cause pain in the area of ​​impact such as lifting objects, or when coughing, hold your back and chest with a pillow

That's all the answers from us, hopefully it's useful.

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