Chest Pain Such As Angina When The Body Is Tired And Stressed?

Illustration of Chest Pain Such As Angina When The Body Is Tired And Stressed?
Illustration: Chest Pain Such As Angina When The Body Is Tired And Stressed?

I am a woman aged 26 years, it has been a long time since I felt pain like the characteristics of angina pectoris, but it was not accompanied by nausea, dizziness, only felt the pain, indeed when the pain comes, it hurts really bad, and spreads as mentioned in the characteristics of angina pectoris. But it arises when I have a lot of problems, at first, and the time span is only a few minutes at least, but it sinks. And lately the pain has come, not only when I am stressed, if I feel tired sometimes it can be too. I don’t have any history of pain mentioned in the angina pectoris article. What I want to ask, is it necessary for me to follow up for the examination, the problem is that what I feel is not all the same as what the article says, I am afraid that it was checked, it turned out to be nothing, only my feelings were excited first.

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Angina pectoris is a term used for chest pain due to coronary heart disease. Angina pectoris is usually caused by a disturbance in the coronary arteries in the heart. angina pectoris has signs such as:

chest pain that feels like being squeezed or hit by a heavy object
pain can radiate to the left arm, chin, back
a cold sweat
may be accompanied by shortness of breath

What you have to remember is that chest pain is not always caused by disorders of the heart / angina pectoris. From what you experience, if you feel chest pain when there is a lot of trouble or stress and it only appears 1 minute and then disappears, it may be due to excessive stress.

Excessive stress or psychological problems can cause or affect chest pain. in people who are excessively stressed hormones such as adrenaline will be produced, and this can increase heart rate, and affect pain in the chest area. Also, if you don't have risk factors for heart disease, then angina pectoris is probably not the cause of your chest pain.

There are several other conditions that can cause chest pain, such as:

GERD / acid reflux disease
breastbone inflammation
pulmonary infection
heart rhythm disturbances
chronic anemia

Therefore, it is recommended that you go directly to a cardiologist (SPJP) so that your doctor can check your condition directly. maybe later additional tests will be carried out such as blood tests, x-rays, treadmill tests, or echocardiogram if necessary. you don't need to be afraid to see a doctor. don't smoke and don't consume alcohol. avoid excessive stress try to relax for a moment. get enough rest.

Here's an article that you can read about chest pain

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