Chest Pain When Breathing In?

Illustration of Chest Pain When Breathing In?
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at morningrnA week ago I felt that when I take a deep breath I feel pain in the back and below the shoulders and at the waist, after a few days the pain started to move after I changed my resting position…rnI tried came to the health center and then I was given a referral letter to the hospital..rnWhat I was confused about in the referral letter was that it was written that I came to the cardiac polyclinic and I was diagnosed with “chest pain on breathing”rnrnWell My question is whether I am positive for heart disease or notrnAnd what is the diagnosis of chest pain on breathing and what is the treatment likernThank you

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Hi Rizal,

Heart disease is a serious disease. But to be able to declare someone suffering from heart disease, a cardiologist must be examined by a cardiologist by passing several physical and supporting examinations such as an EKG (recorded heart rhythm), X-rays, even if it is necessary to have an echo (ultrasound for the heart).

Talking about chest pain on breathing is quite broad in scope. Chest pain on breathing is chest pain when you inhale. Keep in mind that many muscles, bones, ligaments and organs are involved when we inhale and exhale. The related organs (because they are in the chest cavity) such as the heart, lungs, bones and digestive system. For more details you can read here.

But if someone experiences chest pain, the first thing to watch out for is chest pain related to the heart organ because in just seconds it can threaten a person's life. So from the health center you advise first to consult a cardiologist. If from a cardiologist there is nothing to worry about, it can be thought of chest pain due to other organs.

I suggest to:

- taking over-the-counter pain relievers such as paracetamol (for those of you who are not allergic to paracetamol) and taking the medicine given by the doctor during a consultation at the cardiac clinic

- Regular exercise doesn't need to be too heavy, by not forgetting to warm up and cool down

- for now try not to lift heavy weights

- Consumption of sufficient mineral water

- enough rest

- manage panic/stress

If you still feel chest pain and the pain gets worse, consult your doctor again.

That's my explanation. Hopefully useful and a speedy recovery. Thank you

Regards, dr. Valan Tauran

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