Chest Pain

Illustration of Chest Pain
Illustration: Chest Pain

Good evening doctor, sorry I have been in the past 2 years back pain in the middle of the “chest to the back bone and pain in the shoulder near the neck alternately right / left). The beginning rarely feels maybe once a month or 2 times, but long Over time now it becomes more frequent and hurts so much that it can’t move but only for a moment

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Hello Mentari, thank you for the question to

Complaints of chest pain can be caused by various things ranging from problems in the heart and surrounding structures as well as originating from other organs. Some conditions that can cause these complaints include:

Problems with the heart such as coronary heart with symptoms of chest pain that can spread to the neck, back and arms can be accompanied by cold sweat and vomiting
Lung problems such as Pleuritis, TB, pneumonia
Problems in the digestive organs such as GERD with symptoms of chest pain accompanied by burning, heartburn, and throat feel acidic
Chest trauma
Problems with structures around the chest such as myalgia (muscle aches)
Certain psychic conditions such as anxiety, panic, depression, and other causes.

To find out the exact cause of the complaint, a complete physical examination and other supporting tests such as blood tests, heart rhythm / ECG records, chest X-rays, chest CT scans, and so on must be done. That way the handling will be done precisely and directed.

At this time the things you can do are:

Maintain a healthy lifestyle By eating nutritious food, getting enough water and rest, and exercising regularly
Avoid cigarettes and alcohol
Maintain ideal body shape
Control stress well
If the complaint appears immediately sit or lie down to relieve the complaint
To relieve pain you can take Paracetamol

If the complaint continues or becomes more severe, consult a doctor immediately so further treatment can be done. Stay alert if you have to leave the house in the current COVID-19 pandemic situation.

So, hopefully useful.

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