Chest Pounding Faster.?

Illustration of Chest Pounding Faster.?
Illustration: Chest Pounding Faster.?

I am 26 years old. Beginning in the new year 2019, my chest pounded more suddenly, previously it had been like that but a few minutes disappeared. However, it was different from when I finally entered ICCU and received treatment until now it sometimes feels chest palpitations and ends with chest pain. Never had a blood test and a chest X-ray, the results were all normal. In April the cardiac ultrasound was recommended. I wonder if my illness is panic or severe?

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Hello Soleh.

Pounding can be caused due to various causes. Palpitations can be caused due to causes such as:

Cardiac arrhythmias / rhythm disorders Hyperthyroidism Effects of alcohol Side effects of certain drugs Congenital anxiety Anxiety disorders From the circumstances you have experienced, if you have experienced thumping into the ICCU ward, then you are probably quite serious. A fairly serious pounding is usually caused by an arrhythmia. Arrhythmia is a term for heart rhythm disorders. Heart rhythm disorders can consist of various types, ranging from mild to dangerous. A heartbeat that is too fast can disrupt the heart pump, so it can reduce the amount of blood that comes out of the heart. In addition to heart rate that is too fast can make a person become short of breath, chest pain, until fainting.

Panic attacks can cause palpitations. But usually, panic attacks rarely make extreme pounding and can usually be improved by taking sedatives.

Therefore, if at this time you are still experiencing frequent palpitations, then you should check yourself directly to the heart specialist, so your doctor can examine your condition further. Usually it is necessary further tests such as ultrasound examination of the heart.

The following article you can read about arrhythmias

may be useful. thank you

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