Chest Tightness Accompanied By Irregular Heartbeats And Cold Sweats?

Illustration of Chest Tightness Accompanied By Irregular Heartbeats And Cold Sweats?
Illustration: Chest Tightness Accompanied By Irregular Heartbeats And Cold Sweats?

Good evening .. chest pain has been 2 days already .. Symptoms of chest tightness are like being pressed in the middle of the chest and the heartbeat is not normal as usual. R nThere is cold sweat on the neck, the head feels like going off and the look is a bit black when it comes to falling This recurred. r n r nI went to the paramedic, there was no change and I tried to go to the health center, the medicine I took one time, but because the medicine was almost the same, I didn’t continue to take it r n r nThe drug from There was a health center that was chewed exactly the same as the medical doctor. My friend said he said he had a cold so what am I actually sick? Anyway, as an additional info, I want to have a recurrence of pain 4 times in 1 day, my heartbeat can even be carried to the jaw, my teeth feel like they want to come out and my ears also vibrate and feel like there is a wind coming out of the pores of my head r n

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Symptoms of shortness of breath can be caused by disorders in the lungs, heart, digestive organs to metabolic disorders of the body. Chest pain and tightness are symptoms that sufferers often complain of. It needs to be clarified again whether you feel chest pain or not. Shortness of breath accompanied by pain in the chest and cold sweat that appears suddenly without any other symptoms of infection tends to indicate the possibility of coronary heart problems due to lack of oxygen intake in the heart's blood vessels. Nausea, vomiting, headaches, pain that radiates to the shoulders, neck, hands and penetrates the back and back to disturbed heart rhythm are symptoms that patients with coronary heart disease often complain of when they relapse.

However, not all of these symptoms indicate a problem with the heart. Here are some other diseases that have similar symptoms, including chest pain and shortness of breath due to metabolic disorders, namely diabetes mellitus, while lung disorders include:

Chest wall trauma

Lung contusions


Inflammation of the pleura / pleurisy

Pulmonary embolism


The characteristic symptoms of lung disorders are more prominent in the disruption of the airway such as coughing and shortness of breath. Meanwhile, digestive disorders such as gastritis and GERD (Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disease) can also have similar symptoms.

To ascertain the cause of the disease you are suffering from, it is advisable to conduct a thorough examination with a doctor at your nearest health service. Doctors should do an EKG (electrocardiogram) to assess the condition of your heart. If necessary, the doctor will perform a cardiac enzyme test to rule out heart problems. Other tests such as chest x-rays can find out if there are any problems with your lungs.

If the previous treatment didn't help much, then try the following things that might help reduce complaints and prevent complaints from coming back:

Regular exercise

Avoid fatigue and get enough rest

Avoid stress

Eat nutritious foods

Reducing consumption of fats / oils / foods containing cholesterol

Avoid smoking and alcohol

You should immediately check your condition again to the doctor at the nearest health service or to an internal medicine specialist, given your history of having repeatedly experienced recurrences of similar symptoms. Do not underestimate all forms of chest tightness and pain, because it is often too late to find heart disease and its management is too late.

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