Chest X-ray Examination Results?

Illustration of Chest X-ray Examination Results?
Illustration: Chest X-ray Examination Results?

Good afternoon, I want to ask the results of my father’s x-ray, aged 65 years, this is the result: PHOTO THORAX: Sinus and normal diaphragm. Heart: CTR u0026gt; 50% enlarges to the left and aorta: configuration of dilatation of the aortic arch. Lungs: appear infiltrates in the mediobasal and right left perihilar Prominent bronchovascular smears. Normal sinus and pleura. The bones and soft tissues are normal. Impression: Cardiomegaly (HHD?) With suggestive pulmonary edema. DD: Pneumonia. X-ray is done lying down.

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Hi Randy,

Thank you for the question.

On X-ray / chest X-ray examination, there are several things assessed by the doctor, namely the structure of organs inside the chest cavity such as the heart, lungs, and muscle tissue, connective tissue, and surrounding soft tissue.

On your papa thorax photo examination results, it can be said the structure of the space (sinus), the base of the branches of the lungs (hilum), the lining of the lungs (pleura), and the breathing muscles of the lungs (diaphragm), and the bones and soft tissue in around the chest cavity has no abnormality or is considered normal. However, there are some things that have abnormalities, such as the ratio of the heart to a larger chest cavity (CTR> 50%) which indicates an enlargement of the heart and to the left, enlargement of large blood vessels / aorta, and there is an infiltrate / focus points bacteria in some parts of the lungs.

So the radiologist wrote the conclusion of the examination results with cardiomegaly or enlargement of the heart (HHD = hypertensive heart disease, or heart disease caused by hypertension or high blood pressure), pulmonary edema or a buildup of fluid in the lungs, and there are other possibilities such as lung infection lungs or pneumonia.

To ensure the severity of the disease suffered by your father, you should consult your doctor who has treated your father. Doctors can not determine the status of the disease based on a single examination results, doctors need other information such as a history of complaints, the results of physical examinations, and the results of other investigations to provide conclusions about your father's disease status and determine further treatment.

Hopefully this information can help.


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