Chest X-ray Examination Results

Illustration of Chest X-ray Examination Results
Illustration: Chest X-ray Examination Results

My husband did a general check up. With the following results: Large cast normal form Pulmo bronchovasculer pattern increases Increased viscous thickening of the left Please explain … And thanks in advance

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Hello ummu

Thank you for the question.

On the results of chest x-ray examination that your husband has done, there are some things that need attention. In relatively normal cardiac organs, but there are some abnormal findings in the lung, namely:

An increased bronchovascular pattern indicates that there is inflammation in the branches of the lungs, which can be a sign of a medical condition such as bronchitis.
Thickening of the left hilum can be retention of secretions. Hilus is the basis of the branching of the lungs or bronchi, and the results of the hilum examination appear to be thickened which can be caused by accumulation of secretions or fluid which can be mucous in the lungs. This mucus liquid is released to protect the lungs from damage, and can be triggered by irritation to the lungs. This irritation can be caused by infection or exposure to irritating materials, such as dust, cigarette smoke, and pollution.

To provide a comprehensive conclusion on the results of your husband's examination, your husband should confirm it with the doctor who examined it, because the doctor will adjust the results of this chest x-ray examination with complaints that your husband feels such as coughing or shortness of breath, physical examination results, and the results of other supporting examinations such as blood tests.

Hopefully this information can help.


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