Chickenpox And Measles Attacks Adults Aged 20 Years?

Illustration of Chickenpox And Measles Attacks Adults Aged 20 Years?
Illustration: Chickenpox And Measles Attacks Adults Aged 20 Years?

Hello, I want to ask. Is chickenpox and measles can attack adults who are in their 20s and above? And does this disease really come once in a lifetime ?? Thank you

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Good afternoon, thanks for the question.

Chickenpox is a disease caused by the Varicella zoster virus. Patients infected with this virus are characterized by the presence of reddish spots or rashes that contain itching which generally itch throughout the body. Chickenpox is commonly experienced by children who are generally less than 12 years old, but adults can also be infected with this virus, especially if they do not have an immune system against chickenpox, for example people who have never had chickenpox as a child and those who have not received chickenpox vaccination. In addition, people who have weakened immune systems such as people with HIV / AIDS, people who consume corticosteroid drugs or who are undergoing chemotherapy are also vulnerable to being infected with this disease. This disease is easily transmitted through saliva sputum or sputum through the air and direct contact with saliva, sputum, or fluid from the rash.

Measles is a disease caused by a virus that is also characterized by a rash all over the body, usually patients will experience symptoms such as red eyes, eyes become sensitive to light, signs of flu (sore throat, runny nose, nasal congestion, etc.), fever, and appear grayish white patches on the mouth and throat. This disease also generally attacks children, especially toddlers (<5 years old) but also does not rule out the possibility of also being able to transmit to all people at all ages, especially those who have never experienced measles and have not gotten measles vaccination. Measles vaccine is included in the MMR vaccine section (Measles / measles, Mumps / mumps, and German rubella / measles). The spread of measles virus through splashes of fluid from sneezing or coughing sufferers so that anyone who inhales it can be infected.

Both chickenpox and measles have almost the same treatment principle, because the main cause is the virus eats our immune system will naturally fight this virus, so the treatment needed is to treat the symptoms that arise, prevent complications, adequate rest, and eat nutritious foods.

Someone who has been infected with this virus or has been vaccinated means that they have antibodies or immunity that recognize this virus, so when the next infection occurs our body has antibodies that are ready to fight the viruses so that viral infections that enter the body can be overcome before manifesting. the emergence of symptoms of the disease. but in some cases it does not rule out people who when children have experienced symptoms of this disease can experience the same disease again, this can be due to many factors, one of which can be due to the current weak immune system due to certain disease conditions, drug consumption drugs, etc.

Besides people who have had chicken pox and recovered, this virus can be dormant in the body and later manifest or appear as shingles.

Thus the information that I can convey, thank you, hopefully useful.

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