Chickenpox Medicine For Children?

Illustration of Chickenpox Medicine For Children?
Illustration: Chickenpox Medicine For Children?

Mmm … I want to ask for chickenpox medicine for children aged 5thn 6mth, what is the suitable ?? Thank you

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Hello Karthica,

Has it been confirmed that your child has chickenpox? What are the complaints at this time? Chickenpox is caused due to a viral infection. Chickenpox is transmitted through saliva droplets. Chicken pox can cause symptoms such as fever, runny / pimple that feels itchy, then the pustules dry out and become scabbed and loose on their own. Sometimes nodules may fester and require further treatment.

Checks to confirm chickenpox is by history and physical examination. If other causes are suspected, the doctor can carry out investigations such as blood tests and skin scrapings. Chickenpox treatment is by antiviral (oral and topical) as well as administering drugs to reduce complaints such as antihistamines, pain relievers, and fever-lowering.

Generally, chickenpox can improve in a few days to about 2 weeks. To ensure the condition of your child, you should check your child directly to the doctor. The doctor will conduct an examination and provide more appropriate treatment for your child. Avoid giving medicines without a doctor's prescription to children (except for over-the-counter fever-reducing drugs, but make sure the dosage is appropriate for your child's age and weight).

Some tips you can do:

Let the child rest enough
Give the child enough fluids and daily nutrition
Give children clothes that are more comfortable and not tight
Keep bathing the child, but be careful not to break the nodules, if the child has a fever, use a little warm water
Give understanding to children not to scratch the itchy skin
Avoid public places until the nodules are dry
If the nodules break, clean the wound and use a cream / ointment from the doctor

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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