Chickenpox With Chest Pain

Illustration of Chickenpox With Chest Pain
Illustration: Chickenpox With Chest Pain

Doc, my 9-year-old child has chickenpox, fever, weakness and lack of appetite. I think it’s a natural symptom. Give paracetamol. ? And what is chickenpox medicine for children?

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Hello Kalin,

Thank you for the question.

Chickenpox can not only cause complaints on the skin, but can also make children become weak and have no appetite. Not only that, not infrequently, smallpox rashes on the skin experience secondary infections, thus making children experience fever. As a result of decreased appetite that is not handled properly, the stomach acid can increase, thus making the child's chest feel painful and tightness. It could also be that the pain and tightness in your child's chest occurs due to side effects of the treatment being undertaken, stress, respiratory problems, heart problems, costochondritis, and many other possible triggers.

It's best if you don't rush to give medicine to your child's complaints. Because, in some cases, the symptoms of other diseases can also be very similar to chickenpox, such as shingles, herpetiformis dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, drug eruptions, Singapore flu, measles, prickly heat, scabies, and so on. If it turns out that the cause of your child's complaints is not chicken pox, it is certainly not appropriate to give chicken pox.

It is safer to have your child directly checked by a doctor or pediatrician so that treatment is given according to the cause of the complaint. At home, you can do first:

Compress the warm chest that feels uncomfortable
Let the child rest a lot
Give him lots to drink
Give children also easy to digest food, small portions but often
Improve children's personal hygiene, as well as the surrounding environment
So that the fever subsides, in addition to giving the drug paracetamol, you can also compress the neck and armpits with warm water

Hope this helps ...

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