Child Fell?

Illustration of Child Fell?
Illustration: Child Fell?

, my son this morning slipped and fell onto the floor with his back on his back, and his head hitting the floor. After falling my son immediately vomited. Previously, there were several times when my child fell in the same position and condition, but did not vomit. my son is 20 months old

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Children in the toddler years experience falls quite often. Collisions to the head are also often unavoidable. However, in general, if the impact is minor, no complications or certain dangers will occur. However, if the impact is hard (for example, if you fall from a high place), then you have to be more vigilant. The following are some signs of danger that you should watch out for:

nausea and vomiting changes in children's behavior to be more fussy, visible headaches, changes in sleep patterns (being unable to sleep or sleep continuously) crying excessively the child becomes more inactive there is clear fluid coming out of the nose or from the ears there is a spasm

If your child experiences these symptoms, you should immediately take the child to the hospital for further examination. The doctor will conduct an examination of the child's head and order additional examinations such as a CT scan of the head if necessary. It is better if the examination should not be delayed so that there are no further complications.

Henceforth, make sure your home environment is safe for children. Avoid the child so as not to walk on the slippery floor, be careful when the child starts climbing. Accidents and injuries (including falls) are the leading causes of death in children aged 0-19 years.

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