Child Learning To Walk?

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I want to ask my son who is 11 months old and is starting to learn to walk but I noticed that his right foot when walking is tilted to a deep angle while his left leg is normalrnIs it dangerous? I’m afraid it’s too big to go on, please explain.. thank you

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Children who are just learning to walk usually walk imperfectly, and sometimes they will fall. Children who are just learning to walk usually show improper ways of walking, such as walking with tilted feet. So it is possible that the condition experienced by your child is a normal thing, and usually if it is a normal thing then the condition of the foot will gradually normalize along with your child's walking ability.

But there are other conditions that can cause deformities in the feet, such as:

abnormalities in the bones of the legs, such as O or X-shaped feet, disorders of the muscles or bones of the legs during childbirth, or due to injury/traumatic fractures or dislocations of the bones of the leg area polio certain genetic disorders certain tumors Therefore, to determine the exact cause of the child's condition So you should check your child directly to a pediatrician so that the doctor can examine your child's condition directly. In this way, the doctor will be able to determine the cause of your child's condition.

here's an article you can read about X-shaped legs

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