Child Recovering From TB?

Illustration of Child Recovering From TB?
Illustration: Child Recovering From TB? Bing

my son is suffering from TB because his grandmother is contagious (now his grandmother is recovering) but there are no symptoms but the results are mantoux +. and my child is undergoing treatment for 6 months. The first 4 months my child was treated by the same doctor. but the 5th month the doctor came out and replaced by another doctor. and in the 6th month the doctor changed again, this time the doctor was male. the doctor did an LED blood test to find out if my child could stop the medicine or not. the result was 5 LEDs and my child could stop the medicine. drinking oats my child’s BB only increased by 1/2 kg. Is that because my child rarely drinks milk and is picky about food?

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Hello, good evening mother Ema.

Symptoms of TB disease in children are not typical (children usually only have symptoms of weight that do not increase, or fever is not so high for more than two weeks, cough for more than 2 weeks) and bacteria in sputum are difficult to find, so other tests are recommended such as Mantoux test and chest X-ray. A positive Mantoux test has given a large score, where the greater the score, the greater the possibility that the child has TB infection. Moreover, if there is a history of family members who also have TB, the symptoms of TB mentioned above, enlarged lymph nodes on examination, and swelling of the joints.

After the doctor who examines the child confirms the diagnosis of TB, then treatment can be started. Treatment of TB in children takes at least 6 months. After the initial 2 months of treatment, and at the end of treatment (end of the 6th month) the doctor will usually evaluate treatment by means of re-x-rays or other examinations to assess whether there is progress in therapy or not. If the results of the evaluation at the end of treatment are good, then the examining doctor will conclude that the treatment has been completed. (Regarding the ESR examination, it is an examination to determine whether a person has a chronic infection or not. If the ESR is elevated (more than 20) then he is experiencing a chronic disease, one example is TB).

It is recommended that you consult a doctor who treats your child if you are still worried. The doctor is the one who knows more about your child's condition and medical history, so the doctor's opinion will certainly be clearer. Regarding weight gain that only increases slightly, it can be caused by chronic infections such as TB, but other causes also need to be considered, such as:

wrong eating habits, namely being picky about food, getting used to eating out so that children tend to be full before breakfast/lunch/evening hours, children find it difficult to eat less nutritional intake, for example lack of protein (eggs, tempeh, tofu, meat) chicken, beef), and tend to prefer carbohydrates only (eg in indtan noodles) digestive disorders, growth hormone disorders, etc. Consult your condition with the doctor who treats your child or a pediatrician for further treatment for your child.

That's all, hope it helps

Regards, dr. Denisa

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