Child Seizures During Fever?

Illustration of Child Seizures During Fever?
Illustration: Child Seizures During Fever?

.. My child is now 35 months old .. At the age of 24 months he has a fever which has a seizure 2x .. But why does he have a fever when he has a seizure … At the temperature of 38

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Introduce me Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

The symptoms that your child experiences are symptoms of a febrile seizure. Fever seizures themselves are seizures that occur due to fever which is usually> 38'C pure rectal temperature caused by processes outside the head. Febrile seizures occur usually in children aged 6 months - 5 years, this happens because the blood brain barrier system in children has not been perfect.

Generally, febrile seizures have a good prognosis, so you don't need to worry. But you must understand the type of seizure that your child is experiencing. Types of febrile seizures are divided into two types, namely, simple febrile seizures, and complex febrile seizures.

Simple febrile seizures:

 Short seizures <15 minutes Stop alone. There are no focal seizures. Usually a type of tonic and clonic seizures. Within 24 hours there is no subsequent seizures / only happened 1 x in 24 hours. Complex febrile seizures:

 Seizures> 15 minutes. Accompanied by one-sided focal seizures. Seizures on both sides are preceded by focal or partial seizures. Repeats> 1x in 24 hours. In seizures experienced by children aged over 5 years need to think about other possibilities such as epilepsy, brain infections, etc.

Febrile seizures can be very recurring, here are some risk factors for recurring febrile seizures if:

 Family history of febrile seizures. Age less than 12 months. Low temperatures during seizures. The speed of the seizures during fever. If all of the above factors are present, then the likelihood of recurrent febrile seizures is 80%, whereas if only in part it is likely 10-15%.

Treatment that can be given is also divided into 2 namely in simplex and complex febrile seizures. In simplex fever convulsions do not need to be given maintenance drugs / treatment after treatment. However, in complex febrile seizures, anti-seizure medications / onset are given at home. Consideration of the provision of other maintenance drugs if the child at the time of seizure <12 months, febrile seizures occur> 4x per year. Maintenance treatment will continue until 1 year of seizure-free, and will be stopped slowly for 1-2 months.

It is important that you understand the type of febrile seizure that your child is experiencing.

Right now what you can do is:

 Keep calm and don't panic. If your child has recurrent febrile seizures, loosen children's clothing, place the child supine with his head tilted to the right, clean the mucus, measure temperature, old values ​​and shape of the seizure. Stay with the patient during seizures. If the complaint gets worse and often recurs immediately consult your child to the pediatrician, to consider maintenance medication / seizure treatment, and ask for seizure medication as the first treatment at home to guard. Provide a thermometer at home and learn how to use it. Drink more to your child, to keep the body from dehydration. If seizures are more than 4 times a year immediately consult a pediatrician. That is all the answer from me, hopefully always healthy :)

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