Child Torticollis

Illustration of Child Torticollis
Illustration: Child Torticollis

Morning My child is 1 year old now. But the head is not straight .. Sometimes it tilts to the left one week and then straight 3 days the next it tilts to the right always so. Does that include torticoli

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The position of the child's head that is not straight, but always tilted to the right, can indeed be a sign of torticollis. This condition occurs when the neck muscles experience dystonia, it could be due to the influence of position while still in the womb, injuries during childbirth, the process of post-saline treatment, to certain genetic disorders. In most cases, the exact cause of torticollis may not be clearly known.

Not just torticollis, the condition of your child's head that is tilted to the right side may also occur due to natural causes due to the child's curiosity in observing certain objects located on the right side. It could also be that your child's head is always tilted to the right as a result of hearing loss, nerve or spinal problems, tumors or infections on one side of the body, congenital defects, and so on.

To be clear, you really need to see your child directly to the pediatrician. However, given the current situation is not supportive (due to the outbreak of COVID-19), this examination should be postponed except in an emergency. Instead, you can first try to do the following:

Help fix your child's head position often, but slowly and carefully, don't force it
Frequently encourage children to play, position your body equally on the right and left side of the child
Also feed your baby equally on the left and right side of the breast
Do not carelessly massage or give treatment to the child's head and neck without consulting a doctor first

If you feel your child's condition is very worrying and different from normal children his age, do not hesitate to have your child consulted by a doctor or pediatrician to be given the right treatment, right?

I hope this helps.

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