Child Vomits

Illustration of Child Vomits
Illustration: Child Vomits

Good morning, good-hearted Indonesian doctor, hope that you are all healthy and a lot of luck Amin … Doctor this morning I am very worried about my child’s condition that is vomiting without fever … but starts vomiting at 10 to 2.35 counted 4x vomiting … I only drink milk and eat light foods such as chocolate and ager eat rice side dishes only hbs 5 spoons in the morning and 8 spoons at night … Dad u0026amp; mother doctor what about the symptoms like that and why because of that …? thank you father mother doctor

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Hello Suryadi,

Thank you for the question.

Vomiting in children there are many possible triggers, for example disorders of the digestive tract (such as dyspepsia, food allergies, intestinal obstruction, gastroenteritis, poisoning), urinary tract disorders (such as urinary tract infections, cystitis), viral or bacterial infections (including ENT infections, ARI, dengue fever, hepatitis), choking, head injury, meningitis, drug side effects, and so on.

When experiencing excessive vomiting, the child's tongue and throat will feel uncomfortable, so his appetite will certainly decrease. This condition, if not handled properly, worries can make children more weak due to dehydration, loss of a lot of electrolytes, and other nutritional deficiencies.

Better, you never worried too much. As long as the child still wants to eat, you can first resolve your child's complaints at home, namely by:

Keep feeding children, small but frequent portions
Not always giving children to eat and drink containing excessive gas (for example cabbage, mustard greens, tubers, fried foods, coconut milk, chocolate, milk, and processed products)
After eating, encourage children not to lie down
Do not make it a habit of hawking children or eating excessive instant food
Always wash hands before feeding children
Also keep the environment around the child to stay clean
Be diligent in washing children's hands and shorten their nails
Do not panic, and do not carelessly give children drugs without doctor's advice

Conversely, if vomiting occurs very massively (more than 10 times a day), if your child cannot eat at all, or if other heavier complaints appear, such as weakness, less active, less urine, dry eyes and mouth, often sleepy, high fever, diarrhea, colic, yellowing of the eyes and skin, and many other danger signs, immediately check with your child to the doctor or pediatrician so that further treated yes ..

I hope this helps.

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