Illustration of Child?
Illustration: Child?

by uliez ndok, ank I am over 1 year old. every time I want to drink breast milk I must ask the one who is left and never wants to breastfeed as right, why is that? and why is the breastmilk that is not used (before when) is smaller than the one who is often used to drink (before left) ??? n

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Hi UliEz,

Thank you for asking

There are many factors that may cause a baby to prefer to suckle on one side of the breast. Some of the most common examples are:

The habit of inverted nipple which makes it difficult for the baby to feed. Too heavy milk flow. Too little milk flow. The position of the baby is uncomfortable when feeding on one side of the breast. There is another abnormality on the other side of the breast, eg nipple sores, infections, etc. In fact, it is not dangerous to breastfeed a baby on only one side of the breast. The body has its own mechanism to meet your baby's milk needs. The more often the breasts are breastfed, the more their production will increase.

However, this unbalanced breastfeeding process can reduce milk production on the other side of your breast. This condition can be characterized by the size of the breasts that appear smaller as you experience. You can also have difficulties, for example if the breast you are breastfeeding has problems, such as due to nipple sores, mastitis (breast infection), and so on. If it is not dealt with early on, it is not impossible that the success of breastfeeding until the age of 2 years will be hampered.

We recommend that you do the following:

If any of your nipples enter, do a massage to come out, how to pinch the nipple between the thumb and forefinger then press and rotate it clockwise while pulling it out, do this method repeatedly. Express your milk on the side of the breast which is rare. breastfed to determine her milk production. If milk production is too heavy, you can express a small amount of your milk first before feeding it to the baby. However, if the milk production is too little, then express it more frequently to increase the milk production. Find the most comfortable position (both for you and the baby) when breastfeeding. Always keep your breasts clean, including by wiping them with a clean towel soaked in warm water every time before and after breastfeeding. If the baby still doesn't want to suckle on your right side of the breast, then don't desperate, keep expressing milk from the side of the breast and give it to the baby through the right media, for example a spoon or cupfeeder. If you are still having trouble carrying out the tips above, don't hesitate to consult directly with a lactation consultant doctor.

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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