Childhood Fever After BCG Immunization?

Illustration of Childhood Fever After BCG Immunization?
Illustration: Childhood Fever After BCG Immunization?

Hello, my name is arsy, I am a new mother, what I want to ask, on Wednesday the 14th of my child is immunized bcg and get 2 after immunization it is hot and the heat is only a day and after that it is not hot anymore and on Sunday afternoon the child I have a fever I thought that a normal fever could heal and it turned out that in 3 days it didn’t go down, finally I gave him Sanmol medicine, every time I gave him the medicine, the heat went down, the reaction of the medicine ran out of heat again for 3 days. But my parents-in-law forbade it and said that the midwife said that the posyandu yesterday was hot because of the immunization reaction, is it true that as long as it is hot? And now my child has a red dot, if my neighbor-in-law’s words are bluff, thank you before and after it 😊 and sorry for writing too long 🙏

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Hello, thank you mom for the question.

BCG immunization is immunization given to children no later than 3 months to prevent tuberculosis or tuberculosis. This vaccine will stimulate the child's body's response to form antibodies to the germs that cause tuberculosis before the child is exposed to the disease so that when exposed, the child already has immunity to fight germs and does not cause transmission of the disease in children or even if it is infected, the disease does not severe when compared to people who are not immunized. At the time of this immune formation process, some children will respond with a fever, which usually lasts 1-3 days, and this is nothing to worry about, enough to be given a fever-lowering medication from a doctor or midwife as recommended. However, if the heat continues for more than 3 days, or high heat above 39C, or fever accompanied by other complaints, you should immediately consult a doctor to ascertain the cause of the fever. In addition, 2-6 weeks after BCG immunization there will be small boils on the injection site which will then become scar tissue, this is normal and the mother does not need to worry. If the small boil drains fluid, can be compressed with antiseptic fluid, or if boils get bigger, festering, redness, and high fever should consult the child to the doctor. To reduce fever, mothers can compress it with plain water in the areas of the body folds, consumption of fever-lowering drugs according to the recommended dose, and give exclusive breastfeeding to infants, because breast milk contains immune cells that can accelerate the healing process.

Thus, hopefully it helps.

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